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Yayamanin! Juan Karlos Labajo’s tweet gets the billboard treatment from a fan

Singer Juan Karlos, also known as JK Labajo, is searching for the fan who rented a digital billboard in Metro East to display one of his Facebook posts.

Labajo shared a picture of the billboard and expressed his gratitude to the fan who spent a significant amount of money to showcase his message of self-love.

While some fans were amused by this grand gesture of admiration, others were surprised that someone would spend so much money on something they considered unimportant. Billboards in prime locations, like highways, can cost anywhere between P150,000 and P500,000 per month.

ERE hitmaker Juan Karlos or JK Labajo is looking for the fan who rented an electronic billboard on Metro East to feature one of his posts on the social media platform Facebook.

The singer shared a snap of the billboard and called on the fan who spent a lot of money to feature JK’s words of wisdom about self love.

Fans were tickled pink with the over the top method of showing their admiration. But more were shocked that someone would plunk down a huge amount of money for something so trivial. Billboards in prime locations such as highways can cost anywhere from P150,000 to P500,000 a month.

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