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Watch Kim Abelar make a smooth Rolex deal and flaunt her Birkins

She sees the value in them.

Entrepreneur and digital content creator Kim Abelar recently shared a smooth transaction she had with a luxury watch reseller.

Her 13-year-old athlete son, preparing for a race next week, wanted a Rolex Batgirl.

Mommy Kim immediately looked for one and found reseller Hayb Anzures. They talked at 5:10 pm, and by 9:40 pm the same day, the deal was complete.

Hayb personally delivered the watch to her home and received the payment in cash. Upon entering Kim’s home, Hayb immediately noticed the Hermès Himalaya bag, which has an estimated retail price of P17.5 million.

In her vlog, Kim showed off her collection of Birkin bags—items she loves and views as valuable investments. These items are known to appreciate in value over time.

Watch the full vlog to learn a thing or two about the luxury reselling market:

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