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Warm hearts in the Arctic: Bryan and Maxine Kong’s encounter with OFWs

Power couple entrepreneurs Bryan and Maxine Kong took the time to express their gratitude to Filipino workers far away from home, nestled in one of the coldest regions on earth.

Sharing the experience on his Instagram account, the co-founder of Kurimu posted snapshots of their encounter with the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), describing it as a privilege. “We had the privilege of meeting and spending time with our kababayans in the northernmost town in the world,” he wrote.

Bryan reflected on the irony of their location in one of the coldest places on earth compared to the renowned warmth of Filipinos.

“The contrast between our culture’s warmth and the backdrop of the cold, sunless winter creates an intriguing narrative.”

He also conveyed his and his wife Maxine’s pride in them, admiring their resilience and ability to endure the challenges of working far from home.

“Though life isn’t struggle free for most of them, it brings pride to see how we as a people can thrive anywhere because of our resourcefulness and hard work. Waiting for my film shots to come out but these digital versions are good for now #documentaryphotography #svalbard #philippines”

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