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‘Wag tayo diyan!’: Netizen reveals reason for choosing Cafe Mary Grace over Casa Daza

In a candid revelation on Twitter, Atty. Nico Quejano stirred up controversy with his unapologetic dining decisions driven by personal principles and political beliefs.

Sharing a real-life scenario involving his family’s meryenda plans, Quejano disclosed how he opted to boycott Casa Daza in favor of Cafe Mary Grace due to alleged political affiliations.

The attorney’s tweet, which garnered significant attention, shed light on the intersection of personal values and consumer choices in the digital age.

He wrote: “*my titas talking about where to eat meryenda*. He narrated how his aunt suggested dining at Casa Daza, craving for empanada. However, because he is choosing to support people whom he knows share the same principles as him, he said: “Wag tayo diyan. BBM supporter yan. Doon tayo sa Mary Grace. Kakampink may ari.”

And guess what? He had the last laugh as he shared a photo of his table number while waiting for their Cafe Mary Grace order.

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