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Turning trash to cash: MCG opens P200M recycling facility in Batangas

by Eileen Mencias

The Macaraig Group of Companies (MCG) recently inaugurated a P200 million automated material recovery facility in Batangas City, with plans to invest P13.2 billion in waste management projects over the next five years.

The new facility, operated by subsidiary BlueEnviron Material Recovery Inc., is situated on a 20,000-square meter property in Barangay San Jose Sico. Batangas. Batangas Rep. Harvey referred to the facility as a “literal money maker.”

“We believe that with the launch of this automated MRF, we can finally put an end to open dumpsites, help prolong the lifespan of sanitary landfills, and open new ways in recovering waste that will lead to zero waste in the future,” Macaraig said.

The waste segregation equipment is located adjacent to a dumpsite operated by sister company, Wastecon Inc., ensuring a steady supply of waste from nearby towns and cities.

BlueEnviron Material Recovery president Andrew Yap highlighted the benefits of recycling. He said recycling a ton of paper saves 70 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. Recycling aluminum and steel is 60-95% cheaper than producing them from raw materials and reduces the need for mining.

Yap also noted that plastic waste can be converted into 850 liters of diesel or the equivalent of 500 kilos of coal for energy use in cement plants.

“This not only helps manage plastic waste more effectively, but also addresses the Philippine industry’s growing energy needs, reducing our reliance on imported fossil fuels and conserving foreign exchange,” Yap said.

The Batangas facility is one of the largest automated material recovery facilities in the country and aims to serve as a model for recycling initiatives , encouraging partnerships. “We believe that the launch of more MRFs by the group can help put an end to disruptive open dumpsites and prolong the lifespan of sanitary landfills,” Yap said.

“Tunay po ang kasabihang may pera sa basura,” Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste said at the opening of the recycling facility, emphasizing its crucial role in environmental protection.

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