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Tugon Kabuhayan’s call: Harnessing aquaculture for increased fish production

Food security advocacy group Tugon Kabuhayan said the Philippines could substantially increase its fish production by allocating just 100 hectares of its waters for fish farming.

This move, according to Rorbert Chingcuanco from Tugon Kabuhayan, could result in an annual increase of 20,000 tons of fish.

Chingcuanco highlighted the growth in seafood production, with fish farming outpacing traditional fishing methods in recent years.

With the country’s per capita consumption of fish and seafood estimated at 34.27 kilograms by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the demand for fish and seafood stands at approximately 3.77 million tons. With the right support, local fish farmers can easily meet this demand.

He illustrated the potential of sustainable aquaculture by citing the example of devoting just 100 hectares of the Pantabangan Dam for fish farming. This small allocation could add up to 25,000 tons of fish supply annually and generate employment opportunities for over 1,000 people.

Despite the potential benefits, fish farmers face challenges in obtaining permits, which can take a long time compared to other countries. Additionally, unnecessary fish imports based on incorrect assumptions about shortages contribute to the industry’s challenges.

Chingcuanco highlighted that fish farming is a lucrative global industry, valued at $281.5 million in 2020, suggesting its potential for profitability and price stability for consumers in the Philippines.

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