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Tony Cancio’s green mission: Nurturing organic rice farming and advocacy

In addition to being an entrepreneur and restaurateur, Tony Cancio, the founder of Kanin Club and Cafe Breton, is an ardent advocate for sustainable and organic rice farming.

On his Facebook account, Tony shared insights and updates on one of his ventures involving the production of organic rice.

He recounted the success of his first naturally grown rice project, detailing his interaction with farmers and the Sustainable Rice Intensification (SRI) consultant. He also provided an update on the status of newly planted “palay” and the ongoing process of enriching the soil with organic compost.

Furthermore, Tony highlighted the distinction between naturally grown rice and the majority of rice offerings prevalent in the market today.

“Contrary to conventional rice farming wherein chemical herbicides are used to control weeds, we, in SRI farming employ additional labor with mechanical weeders to remove the weeds growing in between the rows of “palay.” It means additional costs but it also means our rice is free from chemical herbicides.”

Tony also shared his engagement with local government leaders to advance his cause and advocacy in promoting naturally grown rice. He revealed a recent meeting with Mayor Wagan of San Antonio, Quezon, where he conveyed plans for their farm to serve as the model SRI farm for the upcoming 6th International Rice Congress scheduled for October.

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