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Told you so! Maggie Wilson vindicated after Vic Consunji’s associate caught red handed

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson feels triumphant after her intuition proved right about a woman whom she claims “manipulated” her estranged husband, Victor Consunji.

In an Instagram post, the former Miss World bet said she tried to “protect” Consunji from the woman for years to no avail.

“Surprise, surprise, another one reveals its true colours,” Wilson wrote. “I’ve warned you about her for years. I tried to protect you but instead you chose to believe her over me. I always had your back and best interests. A woman’s intuition is always right.”

“She used me to divert the attention. I thought you’d be smart enough to see through it. She manipulated you, made you so preoccupied with trying to discredit and attack me so that she could continue stealing from you, from us,” she added.

Based on what Wilson wrote, it appears that Consunji was duped for trusting the wrong person.

Lana Faith Operana Johnson, the chief of marketing and public relations of Victor Consunji Development Corp., was arrested and detained on November 11 after an entrapment operation conducted by the Taguig City Police led by PLT Wilfredo Tanquerido Jr. and PCol. Robert R. Baesa.

She was caught red handed with P82,500 entrapment money after issuing a “falsified receipt” for the payment of the construction company to complainant Bernabe Mendoza.

Johnson is Consunji’s self-proclaimed publicist.

“It’s sad that it has come to this but I’m glad that you finally caught her red handed. How much more has to happen for you too see the damage that’s being done to you,” Wilson wrote. “I’m hoping you’ll wake up now before it’s too late because she’s not the only one who has you wrapped around their fingers.”

Wilson, who’s currently overseas, said her estranged husband is “mad” at her for telling the truth.
Consunji filed multiple counts of adultery against Wilson months after publicly announcing their separation.


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