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Tim Yap’s Halloween transformation: Honoring Lilia Cuntapay in style

For his Halloween bash this year, Tim Yap demonstrated that he couldn’t be outdone as he transformed into the late horror queen Lilia Cuntapay for his costume.

Tim, adorned with intricate makeup and practical effects, portrayed Cuntapay, complete with a realistic mask of Lilia’s face, paying homage to the actress best known for her roles as ghosts, witches, mambabarangs, and aswangs in numerous movies and television appearances.

Tim fondly remembered the time he had the opportunity to work with Cuntapay when he was still active in print. Going against the norm, he glamorously dressed up the actress in a beautiful prom outfit.

Both showbiz and non-showbiz friends praised Tim for his creativity and dedication. He said that his goal for the evening was to make Cuntapay proud from wherever she may be in heaven. Without a doubt, he succeeded.”

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