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The vital role of franchisees: Insights from Posh Nails founder Cat Ilacad

Posh Nails founder and CEO Cat Ilacad couldn’t stress enough the importance of franchisees, especially in her line of business.

On her Instagram account, Cat attributed part of the brand’s success to their efforts in cultivating good relationships with their franchisees. ‘Strong relationships between franchisees and franchisors are key to making the brand successful. These women ensure that at Posh Nails, we pamper our posh girls and provide them with 100% customer service,’ she wrote.

Cat reflected on the challenges faced during the pandemic and lockdown seasons, noting that their industry was one of the hardest hit when COVID-19 restrictions were implemented.

She added: “We have gone through the pandemic together and we’re now trying to make our stores and service even better. The ultimate goal is to pamper more clients day by day. Thank you ladies for always believing in our brand.

Let’s keep on making our clients happy.

Milyonaryo | Latest News