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The ultimate showdown: Francisco Motors chairman challenges supercar owners to a race

By Eileen Mencias

Francisco Motors chairman Elmer Francisco had thrown a playful jab at owners of high-performance supercars, or hypercars.

He dared them to a head-to-head race against his “Sunday,” the electric Francisco Motors Electron that has become a familiar sight using BGC fully electric Francisco Motors Elektron model, typically seen cruising around BGC on Sundays.

For clarity, a quarter mile equates to slightly more than 400 meters, and hypercars are exclusive, top-tier supercars with a base price starting at $1 million.

Francisco takes pride in the Elektron, which bears resemblance to the traditional owner-type jeep but boasts cutting-edge technology.

His futuristic vision entails powering it with a hydrogen fuel cell utilizing green hydrogen and incorporating electric vertical take-off and landing technology.

Given the road conditions in the Philippines, Francisco’s Elektron might hold the upper hand. Additionally, there’s skepticism among jeepney drivers regarding the modern vehicles the government has been advocating.

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