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The sweet side of BreadTalk: Giving back to communities

A netizen on Facebook shared an interesting fact about one of the biggest bakery chains in the Philippines today.

On Facebook, the netizen posted another ‘reason to support BreadTalk.’ He wrote: “Did you know that BreadTalk gives away its unsold products to local charities? Yep, you read that right. There is no 50% off promos to clear store trays before closing time because they give out 100% of unsold tray-displayed baked products of the day to identified charities nationwide, applicable to wherever BreadTalk has a branch.”

He also noted that for cakes and packaged bread, Breadtalk also donates them to their chosen charity, which varies per branch.

“As for cakes and packaged bread, these products are also donated after a certain number of days, but nevertheless, all donated products are guaranteed safe for consumption, shelf-life wise. Isn’t it heartwarming to know that each time you buy products from your local BreadTalk, you are enabling the brand to sustainably operate and support those who are in need?,” the netizen said.

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