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The rise of ‘woke’ consumers: Filipino buyers demand social responsibility

Filipino consumers are increasingly being influenced by “woke” culture, according to a survey conducted by Agile Data Solutions Inc.

The survey revealed that 51 percent of the 600 respondents acknowledged that “woke” content they encountered on social media has shifted their focus on the seller rather than the actual product or service.

The co-founder of Agile Data Solutions, Jason Gaguan, emphasized that consumers are now more conscious of a brand’s values and integrity, leading them to make purchasing decisions based on these factors.

The survey found that 44 percent of consumers have a strong preference for brands that champion social justice causes, while 30 percent actively avoid buying from businesses that have faced public backlash or have been “cancelled” due to offensive behavior.

Facebook emerged as the preferred platform for discussing social issues among 81 percent of the respondents, with TikTok and in-person discussions accounting for the remaining 19 percent.

Furthermore, 64 percent of consumers engage in woke discussions to spark conversations and raise awareness about social issues, while 43 percent participate in cancel-culture content to hold individuals or organizations accountable for their actions or statements.

Gaguan underscored the importance for businesses and organizations to recognize these evolving societal norms and align their marketing efforts accordingly to maintain relevance and connection with their consumers.

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