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The Common Room PH shares reasons to support Filipino MSMEs

The Common Room PH shared on social media why consumers should patronize micro, small.and medium enterprises.

On Facebook, the company posted: “When you #shopsmall, you are co-writers to a messy, beautiful story of people: who dream beyond themselves, who believe they can make it even when their reality says they can’t, who show up for work they love after working for work they need, who create with more intention, who choose people over profit, who see others as community, not competition, who will fight with every fiber of their being for work they believe in”

The brand also shared photos of some of the businesses under their brand, showcasing the dedication and effort they put in for every producr they produce.

“You may not always see the whole picture when you see our products online or in stores. But know that every time you choose small, you give us one more day to do more meaningful work and add another page to all these #StoriesThatMakeUs.”

Milyonaryo | Latest News