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Tequila love: Milka Romero’s loving tribute to her ‘Mamita’

Milka Romero, the adoring granddaughter, joyfully commemorated her beloved grandmother’s birthday, affectionately referred to as “mamita.”

In a concise yet heartfelt tribute, Milka conveyed her profound love for her grandmother, adding a touch of humor by saying, “I love you as much as you love your Patron Tequilaaa.”

This affectionate family gathering marked a momentous day in mamita’s life, and Milka’s sweet message stands as a wonderful testament to the enduring bond across generations.

It’s particularly delightful that Milka’s grandmother is the epitome of cool! It’s rare to encounter grandmothers with an affinity for tequila, and we absolutely adore her for it.

Milyonaryo | Latest News