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Taking a stand: Angie King urges boycott of Chinese goods amid China’s aggression

“Why do we want to support a country that is intentionally bullying us?”

This was Angie Mead King’s question in an Instagram post where she took a firm stand against China’s ongoing aggression in the West Philippine Sea.

Angie believes that ordinary citizens can make a significant impact by refusing to buy products made in China, thereby affecting the country’s GDP.

As an example, Angie pointed out the subsidies given to Chinese EV cars, making them cheaper than their competitors, which she finds unfair. Personally, while she acknowledges EVs’ usefulness in urban settings, she believes they won’t effectively combat climate change.

She emphasized her preference for petrol engines and mentioned her efforts to offset her carbon footprint through bamboo farming and a plant-based diet. For Angie, this lifestyle allows her to actively oppose China’s actions by avoiding Chinese EVs.

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