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Steve Sy’s encounter in Israel: A tale of resilience amidst adversity

Great Deals founder and CEO Steve Sy recounted a unique experience as a tourist in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In a Facebook post, Sy described how he personally witnessed a bombing attack while spending a few days in the country.

Sy wrote, “A few days ago, while in Tel Aviv, we were enjoying our lunch when suddenly we heard sirens. Everyone around us swiftly stood up and headed towards the basement. We could hear the sound of missiles exploding, and it became apparent that Palestinians had launched around 200 missiles towards Israel, triggering the activation of the Iron Dome defense system.”

Despite finding himself in a perilous situation, Sy expressed his exhilaration and labeled the incident as an unforgettable experience.

He shared, “It was quite an exciting and unforgettable moment. #Israel #missiles #explosions.”

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