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Sorry na po! Baguio based burger joint issues apology for customers’ weight gain

Gustavo Burger in Baguio City recently made a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) apology to their customers.

Wondering what for? It turns out, the restaurant has been flooded with “complaints.” But here’s the twist: these complaints are actually compliments in disguise!

Customers just can’t resist Gustavo’s signature burgers, made with 100% pure beef patties that have been delighting taste buds since February. Instead of gripes about quality, they’re showering the restaurant with praise, with some even jokingly “complaining” about the happy weight gain they’ve experienced.

Gustavo Burger gets it, though. They’ve taken the situation in their stride, crafting a playful apology that acknowledges the feedback with humor. After all, the real reason behind the “outcry” is that the burgers are so delicious and addictive!

Milyonaryo | Latest News