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Small business, big dreams: Regus Philippines provides affordable launchpad for entrepreneurs

A travel agency based in Caloocan stood very little chance of landing big corporate clients from Makati’s Central Business District with its office on the wrong side of town.

However, becoming one of Regus Philippines’ early clients and securing space at their Makati facility proved instrumental in the agency’s substantial growth.

Lars Wittig, the country manager of International Workplace Group (IWG) Philippines, noted that while the travel agency is no longer a client, he appreciates the pivotal role played by Regus Philippines in its success.

Through Regus Philippines’ virtual office solutions, micro and small businesses gain access to valuable opportunities while enjoying cost-effective benefits.

For micro and small entrepreneurs, the monthly entry-level fee of P4,600 for a virtual office is a steal. Meetings can be booked in its conference rooms. Those who prefer a coworking arrangement can have their own desk for P6,000 a month. While the facility is accessible 24/7, office staff and other services are available only during regular business hours.

Additionally, startups do not need to pay the two-month deposit and one-month advance payment required to lease traditional office spaces.

At an absolutely nominal amount, you can actually get a virtual office. That means you get the address, we receive your mail, and you can launch your business and even go national,” Wittig said at the opening of Regus Adriatico Square in Malate, Manila.

Wittig likened the atmosphere at Regus to a business club where a community of entrepreneurs, including Gen Zs and millennials, interacts with “old stuffy CEOs.”

For successful businessmen, interacting with the younger generation provides new insights. For Gen Zs and millennials, mingling with the older generation is an opportunity to tap into their knowledge and experience.

Wittig said the founding CEO of IWG was a young entrepreneur selling hot dogs in Brussels who needed an office. He couldn’t believe how difficult it was and how much money he would need for the office. ‘That’s how we started. And we still have that center in Brussels,’ Wittig said.”

Some 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies are customers of IWG and Regus in multiple locations at any given time.

“Those are the multinationals, and they are in a beautiful mix with the SMEs and even micro companies. So you have the smallest companies that can come in and be at eye level with their target customers, which may include the biggest corporations. They will simply be in the same office space at Regus, for example, here at Regus Adriatico in Manila,” Wittig said.

“I cannot guarantee an SME, a startup, success. I cannot do that. But I tell you, I can guarantee them more customers. More customers faster and even at a better price,” Wittig said. “Because this is a professional workspace.”

Regus Adriatico is IWG’s 27th location in the Philippines.

According to Wittig, Adriatico Square in Malate is a perfect location for Regus. “We have this fantastic, perfect location in this area. We know that the key drivers here are Chinese enterprises. I have been coming here since 1992, setting up distribution systems for fast-moving consumer goods, and every time I saw a big wall, I knew there was going to be a very big wholesaler on the other side of it,” Wittig said.

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