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Scaling up or staying small: Kelly Go’s thoughts on expansion

Auro Chocolate co-founder Kelly Go shared her thoughts on social media on one of the dilemmas of being a business owner.

On Instagram, Kelly Go shared that for a long time, she’s been thinking about the right approach and timing to expand the business in terms of resources and investment. “To scale or not to scale..has been one of craft chocolate’s biggest philosophical dilemmas and professional challenges,” Kelly opened up.

“We’re still figuring that out as we go along, driven by our passion and core values. Since we started Auro about 10 years ago, we’ve pushed ourselves to think and act creatively, and to embrace technology that enhances and accelerates the difference we wanted to make in our products in terms of impact,” she added.

But what does she think? “In my opinion, craft is a philosophy and not simply a mode of production. It’s about the commitment to farmers, quality, customer experience and much more,” she said.

With this philosophy in mind, Kelly shared that they have made another huge investment for the business. “New machine finally in Auro Chocolate factory! At least 4 years in the making!”

Kelly said that this is probably the hardest time to make such a big investment with the crazy, volatile cacao commodity market, giving the context that there have been an increase in prices in the last 18 months.

And while this may be a risk, she reminded herself and her followers: “While we try to manage risk, you can’t time everything perfectly. So just need to keep swimming!”

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