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Savoring friendship: Heart Evangelista and Albert Kurniawan’s reunion with Indonesian treats

The heartfelt reunion of Heart Evangelista and her original makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan, gained an added touch of sweetness as the latter bestowed upon her some delectable Indonesian delicacies for her to savor.

Documenting their endearing exchange on Albert’s social media, the duo’s interaction unfolded before he began preparing Heart for an upcoming photoshoot.

With enthusiasm, Heart willingly sampled the treats, going so far as to bestow them with an 11/10 rating.

Notably, Albert playfully described one of the items as “banana chicharrón.”

Reflecting on their two-decade friendship, Albert recently shared that his bond with Heart has been one of unwavering loyalty—a sentiment that deeply resonated with fans and elicited affectionate reactions.

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