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RJ Ledesma makes acting comeback in Netflix’s ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’

Businessman and mentor RJ Ledesma is stepping back into the spotlight as an actor, joining the cast of the hit Netflix series “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Ledesma shared his excitement about the role on his personal Facebook account. He wrote: “Among the many hats I wear is that of a fictional lawyer hahaha. For those of who have been religiously watching Can’t Buy Me Love (CMBL), I hope my role has made the show a bit more exciting and tenson-filled for you:) It’s always fun to wear acting hat from time to time.”

Ledesma also threw in a fun fact for younger viewers: “(And the name Atty Joey is – of course – a nod to a classic role of mine, hehehe. If this reference is unfamiliar to you, then I know which generation you don’t belong to:))”

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