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Rising diesel costs prompt tuckers to raise fees by 10-14%

Tuckers are set to increase their fees by 10-14% following a surge in the price of diesel, which has risen by P7 in the past two weeks.

During an interview, Mary Zapata, the President of the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines, highlighted that diesel prices have experienced a 14% increase, reaching over P61 per liter from P53 at the end of July. This escalation has compelled truckers to adjust their prices to mitigate potential losses.

Notably, certain gas stations in parts of Manila have seen diesel prices soar to as high as P67.50 per liter as of August 11.

Zapata explained that fuel costs contribute to 50% of the overall trucking expenses. While contracts with larger corporations incorporate provisions to accommodate fee hikes in response to diesel price surges, smaller firms and independent truckers lack such clauses in their agreements.

She further pointed out that the impact of escalating fuel prices extends beyond the diesel itself, affecting other associated costs. “Pag tumaas ang krudo, hindi lang naman krudo lang. Tataas na din ang iba kasama na mga spare parts (When crude oil prices rise, it’s not just the crude oil that’s affected. Other factors, including spare parts, also experience increases),” she said.

The amplified fuel prices directly impact on the costs of agricultural products and other essential food items because these are transported to markets by land.

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