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Reducing food waste and costs: DTI’s vision for a resilient supply chain

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is taking a proactive stance in addressing the nation’s food logistics challenges with the crafting of a comprehensive three-year action plan.

Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo recently presented this proposal during a post-State of the Nation Address (SONA) discussion on food security, shedding light on the DTI’s ambitious three-year food logistics action agenda, which has been shared with the country’s economic team.

At the heart of this innovative plan lies the adoption of a supply chain control tower strategy, aimed at efficiently managing the intricacies of the nation’s food supply logistics.

This strategic approach will provide real-time visibility into critical factors like food availability, pricing, demand, and potential disruptions, ultimately bolstering food security measures and reducing food waste.

Under the six-point action agenda, the DTI is set to revolutionize the Philippine food distribution system from farm to port, streamlining the entire process for enhanced efficiency.

To further drive logistics optimization, the proposal entails the reduction of transport and logistics costs through a moratorium on pass-through fees and additional board fees.

Strategic investments in logistics infrastructure, including transportation and storage facilities, are at the forefront of the plan’s objectives, designed to bolster the nation’s logistical capabilities.

Additionally, the proposal aims to address supply chain gaps, spanning logistics and distribution, post-harvest management, market linkages, market information, and market access to finance.

To ensure robust enforcement, the agenda outlines measures to combat boardings smuggling, overstaying of food imports, and closely monitor warehouses and cold storage facilities.

Harnessing the potential of information and communication technology, the plan seeks to streamline and automate government permits and licenses, fostering a seamless integration of systems within the logistics ecosystem.

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