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Red flags raised: SEC warns public against Prime Asset, SKC investment

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned against Prime Asset and SKC Investment, two entities offering unauthorized investment schemes with unrealistic returns.

According to the SEC, both entities are enticing Filipinos with high returns on short investment periods, raising red flags about their legitimacy.

Prime Asset is offering “package plans” promising unrealistic returns of 50% after nine days or 120% after 20 days. The minimum investment required for these plans ranges from P500 ($9.20) toP 100,000.

SKC Investment employs similar tactics, luring investors with high daily interest rates. It offers 27% interest for a minimum investment of P470, 50% interest for a minimum of P227 pesos, and 38% interest for a minimum of P500.

Neither Prime Asset nor SKC Investment are registered with the SEC. This means they are not authorized to solicit or accept investments from the public.

The SEC has strongly advised the public to avoid investing or to cease any ongoing investments with these entities or their representatives.

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