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Rat spotted crawling on Kanto Freestyle BGC branch counter

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast BGC closed last Monday for cleaning after a netizen posted a disturbing video on Twitter.

The video showed a rat scurrying around the restaurant’s kitchen while the staff were taking orders.

The netizen wrote: “I had a hard time concentrating on my order cuz there were RATS running around the counter at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast BGC It even entered the coffee machine.”

Other netizens were quick to express their disappointment and said that this should be addressed properly.

One pointed out the implications of posting the video online.

However, the majority agreed that this is something the public and the restaurant customers should know about.

Kanto Freestyle has yet to release a statement to address the issue aside from the advisory that the branch would hold a general cleaning.

Milyonaryo | Latest News