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Rags2Riches at 16: Reese Fernandez’s journey of hope and empowerment

Reese Fernandez, the co-founder of Rags2Riches, unveiled the deepest motivation behind her journey as an entrepreneur.

In an extensive post on her Instagram account, Reese poured her heart out, sharing the driving force behind her commitment to businesses like R2R.

She wrote: “I have always considered entrepreneurship as the manifestation of my hope for the world and a platform to create more hope. And this November, my first enterprise child, @rags2richesinc will be 16 years old (RIGHT???)! I’m happy that we came this far, and it has been such a hope-filled enterprise.”

Reese elaborated on her desire to empower grassroots communities, providing opportunities and an additional income source.

“R2R started because of a very local grassroots social problem. We, the co-founders, met a group of artisans (mostly women) who created rugs out of scrap fabric and were not earning fairly. So we started R2R as a life and livelihood partner for these artisans. We knew back then that the problems we were trying to solve were also inextricably linked to the bigger global issues of inequality and climate emergency. It was overwhelming to know this, but we were also hopeful because we were able to create solutions from where we were, no matter how small,” Reese said.

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