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Quezon City’s sweet sensation: MESSerts Introduces the original Taho Pie

Taho, a beloved and healthy snack among Filipinos, continues to captivate taste buds. (But go easy on the arnibal or caramel sauce!)

As time has passed, this versatile treat has undergone various transformations. Amidst the pandemic, resourceful entrepreneurs even devised a way to deliver taho in tubs, allowing customers to assemble it at home.

Now, dessert innovators have unveiled a delightful twist on taho by crafting a pastry that pays homage to this timeless snack. Meet the Taho Pie, a delectable creation from MESSerts, a pastry shop based in Quezon City.

Whether it’s breakfast, snacktime, or any moment of the day, this pastry promises to satisfy cravings with its unique take on the original taho experience.

Apart from the Taho Pie, the shop also boasts of a solid line up of pastries and cakes. Be sure to check it out.


Milyonaryo | Latest News