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Que horror! Vacation at Batangas resort turns ugly. Here’s why

Facebook user Merfy Guillena shared her horrifying experience staying in a resort in Nasugbu, Batangas that ended with a cousin allegedly being chased with a knife by one of the staff.

Guillena shared her family’s story online after a stay at Casa Privada. It was off to a bad start as their villa looked old and unkempt and the resort management demanded extra payments on top of their rental supposedly to cook their meals and use the bonfire.

Supposedly, the Guillena cousins were chummy with the staff members at first and even shared their drinks with them. When they brought up the issue regarding the extra fees, that’s when the staff member got all riled up and allegedly charged at them with a knife.

Guillena claimed a staff members was also inappropriately sending text messages to her, bombarding her with chats asking her to meet with him at dawn.

“I go back home to the Philippines once a year and because of this incident, our once a year family trip ended up by calling a police at 2:00am because my cousin has seen the staff carrying a knife walking back to our villa. He brought the another guy with him who’s also a caretaker of the villa!,” she wrote.

“That night all of us went to bed at 4:00 am and the guys have to sleep behind the door because we all fear for our safety!,” she added. “The same staff who attacked my cousin also texted me inappropriately on facebook as attached to this message.”

Casa Privada has deleted its social media pages since the incident.

“THIS PLACE IS NOT SAFE. No security guard at night and the staff are unfriendly, not accommodating and dangerous. Worst, the management sided their staff despite of the messages shown and police encounter,” Guillena added. “Don’t go here with your family if you don’t want your getaway to be ruined.”

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