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Public warned about illicit investment offers by Global Fortune Trade, Crowdfunding Pinas, and Sunny Smart Asia

The SEC has issued warnings against Global Fortune Trade, Crowdfunding Pinas, and Sunny Smart Asia/Sunny Smart Corp., citing their unauthorized solicitation of investments.

These entities have been flagged for operating without the necessary registration and permit required by law.

Global Fortune Trade, which claims to generate profits through forex and crypto trading, lures the public with investment opportunities ranging from P500 to P5,000. Promising monthly returns of 10 percent or up to 200 percent within a one-year lock-in period, the company’s offerings raise concerns about their legitimacy.

Crowdfunding Pinas, on the other hand, entices investors with a crowdfunding project in Antipolo, guaranteeing a passive income for ten years in exchange for a one-time investment. While the concept may seem appealing, the SEC advises caution due to the project’s unregistered status.

Sunny Part presents itself as a cryptocurrency and forex trading company, claiming to provide daily earnings of up to 3.3 percent based on the chosen investment plan. However, the SEC emphasizes that this venture operates without the necessary authorization.

The SEC has urged the public to refrain from investing or continue investing in these unauthorized schemes and to be wary of their representatives. It said investors should exercise due diligence and only engage in investment opportunities that comply with legal requirements and regulations.

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