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Public outcry: Lifelock founder Slater Young’s Cebu condo project sparks negative reactions

Social media erupted with the collective disappointment of netizens as they took to various platforms to express their thoughts about the latest endeavor undertaken by Liteblock founder and influencer, Slater Young.

Over the weekend, Slater’s name surged to the top of Twitter trends, sharing the spotlight with the developer behind his ambitious condominium project in Cebu, inspired by the iconic rice terraces.

Critics and concerned individuals voiced their apprehensions, highlighting the potential detrimental impact of this project on the province, particularly in light of the devastation caused by Typhoon Odette in 2021.

In addition, observers pointed out the perceived disconnect of Slater’s design with the local context, leading to disenchantment even among aspiring engineering students.

Milyonaryo | Latest News