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Pia Wurtzbach: Grace under pressure during Paris Fashion Week elevator drama

Paris Fashion Week took an unexpected turn for Pia Wurtzbach when an elevator mishap threw a wrench into her busy schedule.

Stuck with her sister Sarah and their photographer Magic Liwanag, Pia was filming their plans for the day – a whopping four fashion shows! Suddenly, the elevator lurched to a stop.

Undeterred, they turned the delay into a mini-celebration. It was Magic’s birthday, so they sang him “Happy Birthday” for good luck. Pia, ever the trooper, even improvised a funny skit to keep the mood light.

Despite the inconvenience, Pia stayed calm. While Sarah tried attracting attention by knocking on the walls, Pia sat patiently.

Thankfully, help arrived soon, and they were quickly back on track in a new elevator, ready to conquer Fashion Week.

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