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Pascual envisions Philippines as global trade hub

Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual highlighted the Philippines’ potential to thrive as a vital global trade hub, benefiting from its geographical advantage, accessibility, and dynamic human resources in the evolving international landscape.

During the Rotary zone 10A Public Image Congress, Pascual highlighted the country’s unique geographical positioning, noting its role as a strategic gateway between the East and West for international trade.

Pascual pointed out that the Philippines serves as a crucial bridge between the rapidly growing markets of China, Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN nations. This strategic centrality makes the country an appealing destination for foreign investors, as it offers efficient supply chain operations and robust connectivity.

The country’s accessibility further contributes to its attractiveness, with maritime access to over 40 countries and direct flights to major global cities.

Pascual said the Philippines is not only a confluence of cultures but also a linchpin for global commerce, situated at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia. This positioning facilitates reduced logistics time and costs for investors eyeing the dynamic Asian landscape.

He also cited the Philippines’ rich human resources as well as its young, skilled, and English-speaking workforce.

Pascual also noted that amidst the ongoing realignment of geopolitical forces, the Philippines is well poised to capitalize on this flux. Countries and businesses seeking stability and diversification in supply chains present a golden opportunity for the Philippines.

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