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Papemelroti’s Patricia Paterno: A voice for peace in Israel-Palestine

Papemelroti’s Patricia Alejandro Paterno shared her perspective on the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine via social media.

On her personal Facebook account, Patricia expressed her view on the “horrendous” nature of war and conveyed heartbreak over the increasing death toll on both sides.

However, she specifically pointed to groups like Hamas, emphasizing the need to halt their activities. “War is horrendous. All the deaths on both sides are heartbreaking. But I believe it is Hamas that has put their people in danger, brainwashed them, and misused billions of dollars in aid for building an infrastructure of terror and intimidation rather than improving the Palestinians’ lives,” Patricia said.

She called for the complete dismantling of this extremist group, expressing concerns that their next attack might extend beyond Israel.

“If Hamas is not completely dismantled, its next attack could be outside of Israel.”

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