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Papemelroti co-owner demands better government support amid Central Azucarera Don Pedro closure

Papemelroti’s co-owner Patricia Alejandro-Paterno voiced her dissatisfaction on social media after discovering that a well-established business was shutting down due to insufficient government assistance.

Through her personal Facebook page, she lamented, “On her personal Facebook account, the Milyonaryo wrote: “We need more businesses OPENING! When is our government going to learn to support businesses instead of destroying them? Government needs to support our farmers!!!”

Patty provided additional insights into the shutdown of Central Azucarera Don Pedro, highlighting the government’s inclination towards importation as a key factor in the decision.

She added: “This 97 year old company had to close down because the government increased importation of sugar! We used to EXPORT sugar! Sugar was the most important agricultural export of the Philippines between the late eighteenth century and the mid-1970s!”

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