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Nusara, Thailand: The perfect setting for Milka Romero’s sentimental travel memories

Milka Romero, known for her fun and outgoing nature on social media, recently shared a heartfelt reflection on travel memories.

She shared that memories from trips and dinners are built on the feelings you had, the people you shared it with, and how hard you laughed.

Milka posted a photo of a dinner date with her mom at Nusara, a Thai restaurant located in front of the majestic Wat Pho in an antique building.

She expressed gratitude for the restaurant’s delicate and colorful Thai cuisine, as well as the great service. The restaurant’s name, Nusara, which means “prophecy” in Thai, was inspired by the owners’ grandmother, reflecting Milka’s own family values.

She even shared the meals they had that evening, showing how food plays a significant role in creating lasting memories.

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