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Ninja Van Philippines expands services with warehousing solutions for SMEs

By Eileen Mencias

Logistics leader Ninja Van Philippines has launched two new services, Ninja Restock and Ninja Fulfillment, specifically designed to meet the warehousing needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

These solutions aim to streamline inventory management and accelerate product delivery for businesses.

Ninja Van, a top 5 logistics provider in the Philippines, had already delivered 18 million parcels nationwide last year.

Recognizing the challenges faced by SMEs, the logistics firm developed Ninja Restock to optimize delivery costs. By eliminating the requirement for full truckloads, businesses can efficiently transport products and supplies between warehouses, stores, and drop-off points.

The benefits of Ninja Restock are already being realized by major companies like Sketchers, Faber Castell, and Pick Up Coffee. This innovative solution allows businesses to streamline their supply chains and potentially reach customers faster.

“Many small and medium sized businesses encounter difficulties in sending out products and supplies to their branches, particularly if they have less than a truckload’s supply to send out at any given time,” Ninja Van Philippines country head Vin Perez said.

Another B2B project, Ninja Fulfillment offers a comprehensive solution for online sellers and business owners. By outsourcing their warehousing needs to Ninja Van, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with manpower, storage rentals, and inventory management.

With Ninja Fulfillment, businesses no longer need to manage their own warehouses or dedicate space in their homes for storage. This allows them to shift their focus entirely to core activities like sales, marketing, and product development, ultimately boosting their growth potential.

Ninja Van Philippines has a 3,700-square meter warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna that can process 15,000 orders a day.

Perez said Ninja Van Philippines has some 8,000 workers, 390 hubs nationwide, and over 3,000 vehicles.

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