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Nina Ellaine Cabrera’s entrepreneurial reality check

Entrepreneurs don’t take holidays.

Colourette Cosmetics founder and CEO Nina Ellaine Cabrera exemplified this reality on her social media, candidly sharing the contrasts between her glamorous Instagram photos and the practicalities of squeezing in vacation moments.

On Instagram, Nina expressed, “Grit and glamour (Expectations vs. Reality). Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that life has it all figured out for us. What many don’t see are the hours of hard work and the sacrifices we make to get to where we are.”

Despite showcasing the less-glamorous side of entrepreneurship, Nina concluded her post with a motivational message. She encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to use challenges as the driving force to not only survive but thrive.

“If there’s one thing I want to share, it’s this: Let your inner fire DRIVE YOU. Circumstances may not always align with your plans, but how you handle them shapes your future.

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