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Nina Cabrera stirs Twitter debate over ‘out of touch’ doctors, medical professionals

Colourette Cosmetics founder and body positivity advocate Nina Ellaine Cabrera opened up about her struggles as a plus size girl in the Philippines.

In particular, she cited the discrimination she feels during doctors’ consultations.

“As a plus size girl, I immediately get turned off when the initial conversation with the doctor starts with your weight and BMI. As if everything that’s happening to my body is caused by my fatness when in reality it is the weight gain I want diagnosed.”

Cabrera shared her personal experience of having PCOS and hearing medical professionals immediately associate it with her weight.

Her post prompted one medical professional to respond—something that immediately went out of hand.

Niina addressed the post targeted against her on her Twitter account for transparency.

Many netizens expressed their support behind Nina and also opened up about their personal experiences similar to hers.

However, some also defended the medical community.

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