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MSMEs urged to brace against digital threats

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises are being cautioned by cybersecurity experts to remain vigilant against digital and electronic scams.

Jon Clairmond Siy, chief security officer at Shellsoft Technologies, issued a warning to entrepreneurs and businessmen, emphasizing the escalating prevalence of cyberattacks.

He highlighted that as hackers identify more vulnerabilities in the interconnected digital landscape, the frequency of cyber threats is likely to increase.

Jon stressed the potential risk associated with third-party suppliers or service providers with weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. Exploiting these vulnerabilities, threat actors may infiltrate critical infrastructures, posing a significant threat.

He specifically directed the warning towards the MSME sector, pointing out that the majority of these businesses lack robust cybersecurity systems due to their size and capabilities. With minimal cybersecurity awareness, they become more susceptible to phishing or smishing attacks.

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