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Move IT to gov’t: Open up motorcycle industry for the benefit of the commuting public.

Local transport solutions provider Move IT is urging the government to open up the motorcycle sector to give its customers more options.

“It is about time that the government allows more players and not limit the MC taxi business to only three companies so that we can give our commuters more options. The convenience and safety of our commuters should be our primordial concern,” Move It said.

The company also expressed confidence that the reconstitution of the technical working group (TWG) on MC taxis would speed up the legalization of the ride-hailing services in the country.

“The reconstitution of the TWG ensures the continuous operation of MC taxis pending enactment of the appropriate legislation legalizing and regulating the MC ride-hailing service in the country,” Move It said.

Move It, one of the three firms taking part in the government-backed pilot study for the safety and viability of MC taxis, expressed hope that the reconstitution of the TWG would lead to the swift passage of the proposed “MC Taxi Act.”

“The growing traffic concern calls for various innovative options. In the metropolis, the legalization of MC taxis create a seamless door to door experience for commuters,” Move It said.

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