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Monolith’s Kenn Costales introduces AI-driven copywriting tool

Monolith founder and CEO Kenn Costales unveiled his company’s latest innovation.

“New year, new monolith thing Introducing Mai, which is an AI-driven copywriting tool that helps you create high-converting ads in seconds,” Costales said on Facebook.

The new software allows budding entrepreneurs to generate captions or copies for their publicity materials in one click.

“We’ve been testing out some ML & GPT-3 stuff for a while, including many AI copywriting tools. Since our agency has plenty of real-world exposure to what works & what doesn’t, we felt that these current AI tools were too generic and not good enough. So we decided to try building our own solution, using the data and know-how we already have,” he said.

“P.S. I was asked this a few times: Why “Mai”? Mai = Monolith AI. Get it?”

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