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Mober powers up cleaner deliveries with fresh $6 million funding

By Eileen Mencias

The Philippines’ leading provider of green logistics solutions, Mober, has secured a $6 million investment from the South East Asia Clean Energy Facility II (SEACEF II).

Managed by Singapore-based Clime Capital, SEACEF II focuses on financing innovative clean energy projects in Southeast Asia.

This investment will significantly boost Mober’s electric vehicle (EV) fleet, expanding it to 238 vehicles.

The fresh capital will also be used to establish a new 3,000-square meter charging facility, further supporting Mober’s commitment to sustainable and efficient deliveries.

“Mober’s ambition to provide fully electric B2B delivery services is a compelling example of a first-mover business that can accelerate the low carbon transition through our strategic investment. Clime Capital’s purpose is to help these businesses accelerate their growth,” Clime Capital COO Mason Wallick said.

SEACEF II’s investment underscores Mober’s pioneering role in the green logistics sector.

This collaboration will accelerate the transition to clean energy within the Philippine logistics industry, reducing emissions and promoting environmental responsibility.

“We are delighted to provide much-needed capital in this first-of-a-kind EV investment in the Philippines. Clime Capital’s blended finance model enables clean-energy entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to achieve financial sustainability while also generating positive environmental impacts,” said Joshua Kramer, Clime Capital chief investment officer.

Mober, a logistics company founded in 2015, has become a leader in green deliveries with a fully electric vehicle fleet.

Since acquiring their first two EVs in 2021, Mober’s commitment to sustainability has attracted major clients like Ikea, Kuehne+Nagel, Nestle, Monde Nissin, Nespresso, Maersk, and SM Appliance Center.

Its clients include Ikea, Kuehne+Nagel, Nespresso, Monde Nissin, Nestle, Maersk, and SM Appliance Center with an entire fleet of fully electric vehicles.

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