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Mikko Tung teases Tayo Spaces’ grand unveiling

He can’t wait.

Mikko Tung, the visionary behind Tayo Spaces, recently provided an exciting update on the project’s construction.

He shared that the team is entering the final phases of their journey, with the most challenging part now behind them.

According to Mikko, the team has successfully completed the ceiling work, which he humorously described as “insanely bloody.” With this major task accomplished, they are poised to move forward at an accelerated pace.

The next steps include flooring installation, glass fixtures, painting, and the grand finale of furnishing the space.

As the construction nears its end, Mikko hinted at the forthcoming launch of Tayo Spaces. While he didn’t divulge specifics, he assured followers that more details would be revealed in the coming weeks, keeping everyone eagerly anticipating what Tayo Spaces has in store.

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