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#MIAADoBetter! Fans outraged over ‘inappropriate’ frisking of ENHYPEN members

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has drawn flak on social media once again alleged “unprofessional” way that a female security personnel frisked members of Korean boy group Enhypen.

Viral videos showed a female MIAA security agent giggling while patting down the ENHYPEN members, while a person behind the metal detector gate took videos on her cellphone. The K-Pop group was in Manila last week for a three-night concert.

Enhypen fans called “Engenes” are enraged over what’s perceived as unprofessional behavior of the MIAA personnel.

The hashtag #MIAADoBetter has been trending since Monday (February 6) after videos of the security frisking of ENHYPEN members went viral. There are over 79,000 tweets on the hashtag, making it the second trending topic on Twitter Philippines as of Tuesday morning (February 7).

“If they wont fire her, I need her to be suspended cause who’s to say she wont do the same thing to other idols who are also coming to the PH soon?,” user @_jx31a said.

“My god, napaka unprofessional ng staff nyo grabe. Dapat nag assign na lang kayo ng male staff, kung ganyan pala gagawin nyo. How creepy and disgusting,” another added.

A Department of Transportation official has apologized for the incident and said that an investigation is underway.

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