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Meet Lola Nena: The original matriarch

Ever pondered about Lola Nena’s identity?

Steffi Santana, co-founder and original “apo” (grandchild) of Lola Nena, has at last unveiled a throwback photo of herself with the original Lola Nena on social media.

On her Instagram, Steffi shared a family picture featuring the original grandchildren alongside Lola Nena, who interestingly dons white and red—the signature colors of their brand.

She wrote: “Lola Nena reppin the red and white without ever Lola Nena’s would be a thing!” Steffi shared that it was unfortunate that she passed on before they launched in 2012.

Steffi also penned a heartfelt message for her and everybody else’s Lola : “Lola, your love is now shared to millions of people. Thank you for teaching us the value of respect, care, love, and warmth.”

Milyonaryo | Latest News