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MAP urges Marcos gov’t to tackle income disparity and ensure equitable wealth distribution

The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) is urging the government to continue its efforts in narrowing income disparity and ensuring a more equitable distribution of wealth throughout the country.

In response to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s second State of the Nation Address (SONA), MAP president Benedicta Du-Baladad praised the successful transition from pandemic mode to a vibrant recovery, with notable economic gains, including a 6.4 percent GDP growth.

However, Du-Baladad emphasized the importance of ensuring that these economic advancements benefit the Filipino people, especially those most in need of upliftment. Addressing the wide gap between the rich and the poor, with a Gini coefficient of 41% as of 2021, was highlighted as a critical urgency for the government.

MAP welcomed the President’s initiatives to tackle crucial social development issues, such as malnutrition, education, employment, and better social and health services, along with promoting financial inclusion through digitalization.

The organization presented its own contributions to inclusive development, including the Campaign Against Malnutrition and Child Stunting (CAMACS), which aims to ensure proper nutrition and health during the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. By addressing long-standing malnutrition problems, the country can prepare children to become productive and competitive members of the workforce and future entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, the MAP emphasized the need to ease the education crisis as a top priority, encouraging the review of the K to 12 system to integrate it fully as a TVET program. By offering alternative modes of education, such as certification training and skills development, students can access better job opportunities and higher wages.

Aligned with CAMACS, the MAP is developing a 5-year blueprint for shared prosperity that commits businesses to uplift the poor out of poverty through responsible dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and the environment.

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