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Making memories: The Cu family’s love for travel and reels

Brian Cu is not just a successful businessman but also a devoted family man who loves to travel. Whenever he goes on a trip, he makes sure to take his whole family with him. And since he discovered how fun it is to make reels, he always includes his kids in them.

Recently, Brian and his family went on a trip to Fukuoka, Japan, and had an amazing time. From exploring the local sights to enjoying the delicious food, they made unforgettable memories together. But what made the trip even more special was their newfound love for making reels.

In an Instagram post, Brian shared a snippet of their family reel and officially declared a new holiday must: forcing kids to do reels. He explained that making reels together not only adds fun to their travels but also creates lasting memories that they can look back on for years to come.

Brian’s post received a lot of positive feedback from his followers who were inspired by his family bonding and creativity. Many commented that they would love to try making reels with their own families too.

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