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Mai Cojuangco and Marcel Crespo enjoy art together in Milan

In the heart of Milan, the city of fashion and culture, art enthusiasts Mai Cojuangco and Marcel Crespo were spotted at the illustrious MASSIMODECARLO exhibition.

The dynamic duo indulged in a shared love for art and were seen admiring the works of acclaimed artists, including Elmgreen & Dragset, who were featured in the exhibition.

Marcel, who is on vacation, took the opportunity to catch up with his dear friend Mai, and together they marveled at the beauty and creativity on display.

Effortlessly chic in her casual attire of sneakers, pants, and a sweatshirt, Mai looked every inch the stylish art enthusiast.

Her keen eye for fashion is well known, but her appreciation for art is equally impressive. Marcel, too, looked comfortable and at ease, relishing the company of his friend in the vibrant city of Milan.


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