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Mabuhay Vinyl to manufacture household hazardous products

Steve Pangilinan-led Mabuhay Vinyl Corp. (MVC) is looking to venture into the production of household or urban hazardous substances.

MVC is amending its articles of incorporation to add as a secondary purpose the manufacture of and distribution of household/urban hazardous substances.

The planned amendment will be presented for approval or ratification in the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting in April.

MVC said it would make requisite disclosures to concerned regulatory bodies in due course.

The company was founded by the late judge Guillermo B. Guevarra initially as a rubber company in 1934 and diversified into PVC resin and chlor-alkali in the 1960s.

Its principal products are caustic soda and chlorine derivatives.

MVC also derives income from storage tank rentals as well as the lease of warehouse and depot facilities in major ports of entry.

In 2020, The company completed the construction of its facility to convert calcium hypochlorite to sodium hypochlorite.

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